Schistosomiasis and HIV


Schistosomiasis is associated with an increased risk of HIV infection in women, and female genital schistosomiasis may be the cause.

Genital schistosomiasis can affect both men and women, and is where parasite eggs can cause damage to reproductive organs. This can lead to a range of complications including:

  •  Abdominal and pelvic pain

  •  Infertility

Similar associations between schistosomiasis and HIV have not been observed in men, possibly due to the different ways the parasite damages the reproductive organs.

Many clinical healthcare professionals are unaware of genital manifestations associated with schistosomiasis, leaving the condition ignored or underestimated.

Due to poor awareness and diagnosis of genital schistosomiasis, the exact numbers affected are unknown.

But early and regular treatment of schistosomiasis may prevent genital schistosomiasis.

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