62% of Mozambique’s population lives in rural areas with low levels of access to improved water sources and sanitation. We’re working with the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and the country’s Ministry of Health to help deliver life-changing programmes to the millions in need of treatment against parasitic worm infections.

key facts

• Population: 27.9 million

• Percentage living in poverty: 46.1%

• Number requiring treatment for intestinal worm infections: 7.5 million*

• Number requiring treatment for schistosomiasis: 14.3 million*

programme information

• Programme start date: 2011

• Numbers treated to date: 30,625,991^

• Programme coverage status: Achieved national coverage^^



* Data from WHO schistosomiasis and soil-transmitted helminth database.

^ For every treatment provided against schistosomiasis, treatments are also offered against intestinal worm infections where both diseases are present. Treatment numbers are for schistosomiasis only and dating from 2010 when the current reporting system was established. Numbers from January 2019.

^^ We support the programme in-line with the country’s strategic plan. As such, individuals other than school-age children may be treated.