We support governments in 15 sub-Saharan African countries

As a top rated international development nonprofit, we support deworming programmes across sub-Saharan Africa. The table below summarises how many school-age children (SAC)* we’ve helped since 2010. You can also click through the map to see more information about the work we’ve supported in each of the countries.


Below is our progress towards eliminating parasitic worm infections for good.

CountryProgramme Start DateProgramme Coverage StatusTreatments Delivered to Date^
Burundi2007Targeting all at-risk SAC3,319,814
Côte d’Ivoire2012Targeting all at-risk SAC12,779,182
DRC2014Scaling up to reach all at-risk SAC18,001,934
Ethiopia2013Scaling up to reach all at-risk SAC23,874,739
Liberia2011Targeting all at-risk SAC2,258,574
Madagascar2014Scaling up to reach all at-risk SAC7,325,126
Malawi2011Targeting all at-risk SAC27,557,025
Mauritania2013Targeting all at-risk SAC295,929
Niger2003Targeting all at-risk SAC10,909,121
Sudan2014Targeting all at-risk SAC12,580,852
Tanzania2004Targeting all at-risk SAC12,711,182
Uganda2002Targeting all at-risk SAC4,630,950
Zambia2003Scaling up to reach all at-risk SAC2,035,565
Zanzibar2003Targeting all at-risk SAC11,289,380

* We support programmes in-line with countries' strategic plan. As such, individuals other than school-age children may be treated.

^ For every treatment provided against schistosomiasis, treatments are also offered against intestinal worm infections where both diseases are present. Treatment numbers are for schistosomiasis only and dating from 2010 when the current reporting system was established. Numbers correct as of January 2019. Some countries are expected to receive further treatments which are to be confirmed.