We currently offer training courses in English and French for our in-country partners such as teachers and nurses.

This ensures our work is sustainable and supports broader development, enabling systems and processes to be dynamic and responsive, and to deliver results.

Training Courses

Data cleaning and analysis in Excel

This course is used for impact and mapping data.

This helps the SCI with geographic evaluation of the proportion of people infected and to measure how well treatment programmes are performing to reduce levels of infection.

We’ve run this course for Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, Niger and Burundi, so far.

Download our training materials:


QGIS Basics

QGIS, an open source geographic information system can be used to produce disease prevalence maps. Prevalence maps assist programmes to visualise the proportion of people infected in a certain geographical region. This course has been run in Uganda and Niger, so far.`

The latest version of the course is currently being updated. Please check back again later.


Excel for Beginners

This half-course is used prior to the Data cleaning and analysis course if necessary and is currently only taught in English.

Download the course in English.